UPDATE: we now have an 8 panel plastic playpen to arrive Thursday(2 panel extension) & the 6 panel play pen to arrive Friday!  Thank you again Brenda! 

We are still ISO: wire/metal xpens in height from 34″-44″. 

ISO: a 10-panel Super Yard Play Pen.

We have one that we bought 17 years ago and it is done. Sadly, it will not stand another pack of rescue Dane Babies! The BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 did it in!

We truly did not expect that 18 months after assisting Mama Marbles, we would be asked to assist so soon another cruelty/neglect case pregnant Dane. 

We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything in order for the puppymill Mama Dane and her soon to arrive Babies.

The cost for a 6 panel pen at Babies R Us is $139.99+ tax and so we are hoping someone may have one they no longer need and would consider our cause for a reasonable price.

Seeking a 10 panel one preferably yet 8 panels would be ok.

We are also seeking wire/metal xpens in height of anywhere between 34″ – 44″ in height once the puppies are big enough.

Please do email gwen@birchhaven.org if you can help us out with either request above.

We are in the big countdown…puppies should be arriving within the next 7-10 days max. Mama Dane Gem is doing well…getting some weight on her and building up much needed muscle mass and tone to help her become as strong and healthy as possible for her sake and her unborn babies.

Her awful wounds are healing as she remains on antibiotics and today we were actually able to do her nails. The very first time they have been done in her life. She also let me clean her ears which is also the first time they have been done in her life.