UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey – the two 8 month old Saint pups.

Donated To Date: $2,398
Bills To Date: $3,365.02

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BHRR’s Lacey:
Almost normal! 
Eating and drinking well
Stools are slightly soft yet formed
Urine is normal 
Energy level is playful and affectionate 
Remains on famotidine, sulcrate, metronidazole, S250 and will start Panacur tomorrow
Off the cerenia 
Eating 5 small meals a day of Gastro wet/dry and will be transitioning over to her regular food as of tomorrow
Still eating the Forti Flora daily

BHRR’s Cagney(in photo)
Catching up to her sister slow but sure!
Eating and drinking much better!
Some diarrhea noted yet her stools are most often soft yet formed
Urine is only slightly concentrated 
Energy level is alert, she has small bouts of playful!
She tires more easily than her sister and then likes to settle done with my own Wolfie Brogan in his custom made bed now that they are home with me. 
She is not 100% yet getting there!
Remains on Cerenia, famotidine, sulcrate, metronidazole, S250’s and will start Panacur shortly 
She is eating so well her own five smaller meals per day of gastro wet/dry plus a/d
She will remain on this food for awhile before transitioning over to her regular food

I cannot express enough thanks and warmth of appreciation to so many that have stepped up to our desperate cry for assistance to help them…..all of you are Saints…Saint Angels! 

Tanya & Frank – your foster babies are doing great.

We still have almost $1,000 to pay off in bills since August 12th and even $5.00 is huge to us if you may consider helping us with their emergency bills…

We have our already planned Vet bills of BHRR’s Ryder’s neuter/Cherry eye surgery coming up on August 31st – he saw the surgeon today and we have had to delay a bit BHRR’s Daffodils’ own spay/mass removal etc. as we get The Saint Ladies emergency bills paid off. 

From our home to all of our supporters, family and friends, we wish all a good night!