I had LT into the Vet’s with me on the 26th for his annual(also had Hamilton The Newf neutered that day too) and he now weighs 56.2KGs(123.64 pounds). For those wondering; his height is still around 33″. Could he afford to lose a pound or two; sure; yet he has more than earned the enjoyment of putting on these pounds and since he has come to us; he has put on 41.64 pounds! WTG LT! 😀 He was charming to all and continued to win over everyone that met him and his leash manners were impeccable! He was quiet as a mouse when he had to go into a run when things got busy and I think he made Hamilton feel better in knowing that he was not alone as Hamilton was feeling quite miserable from being neutered! We did about 6 FNA’s on the lump on his head and an in-house cytology and it appears to just be a sebaceous cyst and not another hystiocytoma that has appeared in the same locale. Something that should be removed; not urgent and can be removed when he gets his teeth cleaned or is required to go under another surgery in the future. VERY relieved to hear the news that it is not something overly serious yet if I had thought it was something terrible; he would have went in MUCH sooner than he did! The one thing that I was just saying to someone tonight was how much of an incredible journey LT has been on since he arrived and one that he has taken us along too. He has taught me much and has been a balm in helping to heal my soul and spirit greatly during his time here. He is a very special boy that one and I feel very blessed in having had him come into my life. He will always have a ‘pull’ on my heart. He traveled wonderfully as usual in the car and his favourite part is going through the McDonald’s or the Timmie’s for his special treaties on our way home! Poor Hamilton had to forego a treat from his own neuter this time around. LT spent quite a bit of time just with his head resting on my shoulder and the sweet gentle kisses WERE to die for! I am going to miss this boy something terrible when it is his time to be adopted.