OK! New pictures of BHRR's Hailey! Thanks to 'most' people LOL for being so patient! Pictures #2 – #6 have now been added to her slideshow and these are from December 5th, 2010. She is a lovely almost completely black female Great Dane(yes, she looks lab like with those natural ears etc. and we are very aware of the byber she comes from) and so very soft to the touch. BHRR's Hailey is fully housebroken, crate trained, has been totally integrated with all but 4 of our Great Danes – Tain, Bronson, Maestro and Bleach and this shall come as we have been very busy with BHRR's Storm and BHRR's Potter, not to mention getting Lexy back to her Breeder plus other rescue, family and career matters.

She is very playful, possesses excellent manners – recall is almost solid, takes treats quite nicely and though I would still like to see more weight plus muscle tone on her; she is getting there! Her birthdate is listed as October 22nd, 2007; so she has just turned 3 years of age. We had been originally told that she and Lexy were 2. No matter to us! She could be 9 years of age or 9 months, makes no difference to BHRR.

I have to obtain a current height on her and her vaccines were given on May 14th, 2010 – Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella plus Lepto. BHRR no longer gives Bordetella or Lepto and has not in many years and her Rabies plus DAPP are not due until May 14th, 2013 as BHRR gives these vaccines every 3 years once dogs reach her age. She also had a HWT done and is now on Sentinel. I am enjoying getting to know her and it should not be too long before she can be placed up for adoption as to date, she is proven to be quite the well rounded Great Dane. We shall see what I learn as she ends her honeymoon period. 😀

She has a bit of a 'couch' getting on fetish and we have been working on the 'no leather rule!'. She is a very happy girl, despite all that she has gone through and she LOVES LOVES LOVES her outside 'play' and 'free' time. She can be seen running and running and playing! In the house, she understands the 'no play' and is quite the charming lady! Her coat is becoming so shiny and she rarely makes a sound. AND those eyes….sigh…as I tell so many of my Behavoural/Training Clients and Adopters…"DO NOT LOOK INTO THE EYES" LOL For you can become quite lost and sigh….BHRR's Hailey's brown eyes are GORGEOUS!

I know that she misses Lexy yet she is kept very busy here with training and by the other dogs and she is settling in well. She is a great car traveller too. To date, this girl is showing a ton of potential. She can be a bit 'flighty' when it comes to affection yet that is understandable based upon the abuse of her former home. She is a stronger personality than Lexy in many ways and derived 'power' from telling Lexy what to do and when to do it yet when Lexy was not around; BHRR's Hailey was a bit lost. Interesting relationship the two of them had and I separated them often so that they could both learn to stand on their own two feet and that Lexy could also eat and drink at will and that Hailey could also learn to love her own company and that it is ok to have 'alone' time. What was happening is that BHRR's Hailey 'felt' she had to step up on her own home to take care of those that she could and like all dogs that try to do this; was not being very effective. She is much happier with rules, routine, guidance, consistency and a firm, understanding, guiding plus loving manner/hand at BHRR under the correct human leadership roles that Sean plus I give her. She does not try to dom over any of the other dogs here yet she is also not a wall flower and will not allow others to run all over her. NICE balance!  She has clear expectations given to her with clear communication without the fear of any negative reaction should she do something inappropriate. She is just blossoming under this leadership plus bonding relationship that we are creating at BHRR for her. She is learning sharing and that it is ok to make a mistake. If my gut tells me right, this is a very special girl with tons of potential. I want to see what else lays beneathe her surface for she has many layers……..I am only scratching that surface with her right now.

BHRR's Hailey – December 5th, 2010 – 3 years of age