ISO: A BHRR Approved Emerge Temp Foster
*Note: if you are an approved adoptive home, you are already an approved temp foster if your circumstances allows for it.
Location: Ottawa & Immediate Surrounding Area

Male, ~3,
*Neutered, was living with cats, dogs & kids and was good. He is listed as being calm, affectionate and does drool!
*He has a back right hip issue plus some happy tail that we will ensure our Vet Team addresses*

We have a request to help two medical case Great Danes(believed to come from the same home.

Just seeking an approved BHRR foster home for 2-4 weeks until we have at least one of our possible pending adoptions finalized.

We have been working behind the scenes on this request over the past 24-48 hours and we have a temp foster lined up for BHRR’s Black Diamond (yup! She is ready!  so that I can bring direct into my home what appears to be the more urgent of the two Danes. She is a ~9 year old female that has had a recent c-section – yup puppies at age 9….and it is infected.

The transport is being lined up for tomorrow so time is of the absolute essence.

If any one of our approved BHRR temp foster homes can assist in taking in this lovely boy for 2-4 weeks, I would be so grateful.

We provide all the food, beds, bowls, leashes, collars etc. and support! Plus pay for all of the dogs’ vetting.

Please do not post here, please do email gwen@birchhaven.org