BHRR’s Giselle was back at KAH tonight and weighs a healthy just under 121 pounds now!

She was so outstanding! Stepped without issues on the scale, curious, social, outgoing and had the Dane lean going on strong! 😀 She has also become a dream to do nails. Lots and lots of handling and patience and time and consistency and effort to get her to this point. I make sure I am not the only one trimming her nails so that she keeps getting handled by others to help make her that well rounded plus balanced dog!

She minded her manners beautifully when I said she could not romp and rumble with the Golden also waiting to be seen by another Vet and laid down at my feet, crossed her pretty feet and looked like the Queen she is! She is not always the bull in the China shop now!

She even rocked her obedience! Leash manners are almost to perfection. Sitting when asked, laid down when asked and even rolled to her side when I asked so her Vet could take a good look at her skin on her belly and inner legs!

She is a far cry from the extremely painful, full of infections, lacking manners girl that was battling so many issues when she first arrived in September.

Her hair has been growing in shiny and soft and gorgeous! However, she does have a few area’s on the back of her neck/head that her Vet agrees with me that so much damage had been done to her skin/hair follicles that she most likely shall never have the hair come back. The skin is now such a nice healthy pink and to that right matched forever loving home, it will not matter if she is missing some hair.

She was able to get her vaccines tonight now that she is healthy enough and from here, in about a months time, we shall have surgery to look for that ovarian remnant plus fix her one eye – entropion. We had wanted her eyes done in January when she was in to be spayed yet her surgeon did not believe that it was that bad to require surgical intervention but her one eye in particular bothers her still and I want her in complete comfort. Her regular Vet is in huge support of us doing so.

She is still a bit yeasty – the damp weather does not help with her feet yet the Malecetic wipes works wonders for her and we keep her feet as dry as we can.

I am proud of all our dogs yet some dogs have to take an even bigger rehab journey than others. BHRR’s Giselle was so medically a ‘hot mess’ that she was in such awful pain plus discomfort not to mention lacking trust & obedience, had misdirected confidence and really did not know a lot regarding how lovely a caring touch could feel…..that touching did not have to painful and to me, this almost 7 months with her has made me beyond proud of her progress.

This is one unforgettable Girl!

I need to shout out to her Vet team that has been by her side, pretty much at least once a month since September….you have helped her not just medically but emotionally as well. Thank you for being part of her set-up for success team for every time I asked if you could do her nails this time over me doing them, give her a treat, ask her do do something, pet her….you have helped her realise that she is awesome! This dog has so much potential!!

Flaked out waiting for her turn to see her Vet! Not a care in the world and look at her beautiful fur!!

Wish I could have snagged photo’s of her on her back with her legs up in the air, almost snoring!