We are here!

Tired yet safe! A long day that began at 6:00 AM, saw a full day at work and then did the drive here.

BHRR’s Baby Kaos had an excellent trip down! He just ate a light snack of food, drank plenty of water, explored every inch of the hotel grounds and now is happily chomping on his Dino bone with a special blanket to suck on(he loves to steal throws to just suck on!), comfy bed and two toys to play with!

Going to crash soon as I am still very much under the weather and no longer have a voice. Made checking in fun!

Lovely front end person when I checked in as booking.com did not pass on that I had a dog and so she waived the pet fee! She also loved my hair so she has excellent taste!

I will update all of BHRR’s Baby Kaos’ fans and friends tomorrow as I can and the most important thing is ensuring if this is his right matched forever loving home. If it is not, then it is not and he comes back home with me and to his bff that he grew up with, my Salt!

Has to always be about the right home fit!

Good night from Owen Sound, Ontario to all of you!