BHRR’s Giselle!
December 2nd, 2016

Not the best photo yet it is so dark and gets dark early these days! 🙁

She had her latest recheck tonight and is up another 3 kgs! WTG! She weighs just over 110 pounds now.

Each time we go in, she is better and better and more relaxed and stable. SO proud of her!

Tonight, she even walked on to the scale herself!

Her back feet are so much better…her front feet are better yet still red/raw and a bit swollen.

Her coat is coming in so nice and shiny! Her Vet made a lovely comment re: that! She still has some big area’s on the back of her neck and head that are still quite bald and pink and her Vet is putting her back on Ketoconazole 200 mg – 1.5 tablets SID for another 3 weeks.

So much more could be done to her this time around….she was so much happier and more comfortable and also in feeling better, her tail wags so much more – more than one comment about how strong and like a whip it is!

We were able to draw blood without issues for her Accuplex(Heartworm/Tickborne disease testing) and pre-op bw to spay her.

When she is spayed, we will do biopsies on some of the countless 1 mm bumps she has between her toes on the underside.

Both ears were able to be so much better and thoroughly looked at this time and her right ear is looking good…the left ear required more antibiotics.

Both eyes also were able to be more thoroughly looked at – fluroscein eye stain was once again applied to the left eye and this time also to the right eye as she was so good about allowing things to happen!

Both eyes do not have ulcers and she does have entropion that we will look into further for possible surgical intervention. When she is sedated for her spay, a much better look can be made on them.

She also remains on a fish based food to help her skin.

Whatever she needs….she will have….

She is a gorgeous ‘hot mess’ yet less of one than she was the day that she first arrived and at her last recheck.

This girl once she is ready – her obedience is coming along nicely and she is trusting more and more – is going to make a right matched forever loving home the best of additions!

She is full of personality as noted again by the staff tonight, a woman who knows her own mind, opinionated, strong willed, affectionate, a real ham, a bit of a comedienne, a no half measure kind of gal, uber loyal, quirky and will keep anyone on their toes!

She will need an experienced home full of that right positive balanced consistency, structure, obedience and a big dosing of love! She has so much still to learn about helping hands, not neglectful hands…..

AND, the Vet admired just how much more muscle mass and strength that she has in her hind end now….even from her last recheck visit!

While we have a long way still to go with this beautiful gal, she is making so much progress…

Changing a lifetime of neglect and undersocializing will not happen overnight….