Someone had an awesome play date today!!! BHRR’s Abby (7.5 years old) on the right.  

Thank you Steev for being such a good boy and sharing your humans with BHRR’s Abby today!!

From what I have been told, she had a good run at a dog park  , may or may not have had a piece of ‘bacon’  , watched a movie and had a nice snooze!! Sounds like such a wonderful day!

I am truly forever indebted to those that have taken her out on play dates over the past few weeks! This is her third date in the last month and I think they are going to her head for boy was she ever feisty this AM!!  Steev was just happy to have a friend and BHRR’s Abby was at first a crotchety vocal gal wanting all the human attention on her yet she settled down nicely!!

Got to love her spunk!