This is *Jack* & *Nala*, the two surviving(out of 4) deaf/blind Brazilian Dane Babies that we picked up on Friday October 14th and finally were able to bring to safety. This is them on their liberation ride in Brazil. After learning of *Safira’s* needless death last week, we promised to go legal and we able to then go in and pick up *Jack* & *Nala*.

We have been continuing to work behind the scenes in preparation for their arrival to Canada.

In order to do so, we are still fundraising and are in need of $1,415 more to make this miracle happen for them. They will die if they are left in Brazil. One of their deaf/blind siblings was killed by dogs before we knew about them and *Safira*, their other deaf/blind sibling died a completely terrible and unnecessary death from pneumonia. We begged to have her brought to the Vet and kept there on IV meds/fluids etc., and offered to pay for it all….to no avail. She died outside…alone, cold, hungry, unable to breathe properly. We knew after learning that she died(last we were told she was getting a bit better) that we had to do more and promised legal intervention to get the other two safe.

Thanks to Bre of Pet Valu Stittsville – 1250 Main Street – they are donating all monies this week & weekend from their DIY(Do It Yourself) dog wash!! So if you have a dirty dog or more, your monies would be given to this wonderful cause! No appointments necessary!

They have also so kindly offered to put out a donation jar to help. How thankful we are to them and quite a few others what we are calling Brazilian Rescue Angels in helping us raise the last amount we need to make this happen for two very sweet Dane babies.

They do not know borders or countries….and they are the next in need of our specialised programs. We want to bring them here to live quality filled happy lives and not worry about the next meal, or being killed by dogs or humans and not cared for when they are ill or injured. We do not want them being cold, afraid and confused. We want them loved and warm, healthy and well fed.

We had them brought to the Vet on Monday and both are being treated for terrible diarrhea. They have a severe infestation of tapeworms. They are on Drontal, Panacur, given Revolution, Bravecto and we did fecals.

As *Nala* was running a fever, we also did blood-work and learned that she is tickborne disease positive and so is on Doxy for the next month.

They are being boarded at a safe place and receiving excellent care. Thank you again to Maira for the donation to help me pay for boarding them and for high quality kibble for them to eat.

Thank you to Andreia for buying them their very first toys ever in the lives to play with. They are now 4.5 months old and so sad to think they never had their own toys….

I will post our gofundme page. if anyone may consider making a donation!

For those supporters of our continued efforts to save *Nala* and *Jack*, here is our Facebook GROUP to join. We will post our updates on that page.

We can also take email transfer to or via PayPal(friend & family) option to

Thanks on behalf of *Jack* & *Nala*!