Someone had his annual / vaccines exam today – BHRR’s Baby Griffin, who is not so baby in size any more!! 😀

Still AVAILABLE For Adoption!

He weighed 48 Kgs(105.6 pounds)! He is a Great Dane mixed with breeds such as Rottie and Newf plus Boxer. Handsome boy. 🙂

He did so well!! Only became fear reactive with a bit of barking when someone (Antec pick up man) showed fear of him and then he had some ‘tude with negative seeking attention for a bit after that yet, he was corrected when required and passively ignored when needed and rewarded when he showed appropriate displays of proper behaviour.

He was great with his nails and was not phased one iota when he had his vaccines. His lungs and heart are excellent and an A+ he got for health. 🙂 He even received a compliment on his obedience plus white teethies!

We hung out chatting for a bit with the staff afterwards and he chilled and relaxed over all so well!

On our way home, Mason and I deliberately went to three different drive-through places to pick up food goodie items so that BHRR’s Griffin could get continued regular exposure to different people and places and not even a blink made, two of the places had males in the drive-through window and other than some natural wonderful curiosity shown, BHRR’s Griffin was calm and relaxed and the sweetheart he is almost 98% of the time now. One of the drive through young men kept commenting on how stunning BHRR’s Griffin is!

He needs that very experienced dog savvy home, one that is going to be ‘on him’ in the positive and kindly firm balanced structured manner he needs. He is so eager to please, and cannot get enough of kids. Kinsley has been ‘claimed’ by him and he needs to be reminded that we share and we do not resource.

He is beyond loyal when you have earned his trust, affectionate, a ham and so smart!

He will make that right matched forever loving home laugh and keep them on their toes that 2% of the time that he ‘forgets’ himself and his manners. He is a far cry from the unstable, fear wracked lacking confidence boy that first arrived to BHRR and he just keeps reaching his potential more and more with every training session and social outing and exposure to so many new and now ‘old’ to him things.

He travels beautifully in a car and I cannot say enough about how awesome he is. Playful yet loves to cuddle and snuggle – great tv/movie buddy. To us, he is so low maintenance compared to some dogs in our program yet, we also are not your typical dog owners. 😉

I am so freakin’ proud of all of your accomplishments to date my ‘baby’ Griffin!! We adore you!

13528950_1062235107176653_8776856296412664534_n IMG_1112