This stunning inside and out BBBBB from our BHRR Great Dane Puppy Pile x 7 (born April 14th) has her wonderful special announcement to make. 🙂

She has a fabu approved future adoptive home that she will be adopted to when older and ready!!

This litter turned 8 weeks of age on June 14th and had their 8 week old professional photo shoot on June 16th. Thank you’s extended again to Melissa Roy for everything she has done to capture this incredible Dane litter as they have been growing!!

I love the photo’s taken below of this truly solid, social, affectionate, outgoing, curious, well balanced, great mixture of sass and sweetness, bomb proof puppy! She is so smart, kind and gentle and truly gorgeous inside and out….

We are still taking applications for possible future approved homes on four(4) of this litter now. Three more BBBBB’s and one handsome Merle!

Congratulations to BHRR’s Sapphire and to her future approved forever loving home!!

BHRR’s Sapphire’s weight on June 14th, 2016 @ 8 weeks of age: 9.7 kgs(21.34 pounds)
BHRR’s Sapphire’s weight on June 30th @ 10 weeks of age: 13.2 kgs(29.04 pounds)


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