Guess who?! This uber handsome blue Great Dane is BHRR’s Rubble!

He came to work today to be de-twinkled! Sean dropped BHRR’s Limerick and BHRR’s Maple off earlier in the day for their own spays.

BHRR’s Rubble has put on another 22 pounds of awesome solid muscle mass and weight!! Well done!! He looks incredible!! He now weighs 140.80 pounds. 🙂

BHRR’s Maple has put on another 6 plus pounds herself!

All their spays and his neuter went well and BHRR’s Rubble had one testicle that was underdeveloped yet nothing abnormal that the Vet felt it needed to be sent off to histiopathology.

Great news for BHRR’s Limerick, her knees look good! Her hips seem to be the source of her gaiting the way she is and she shall be monitored as she builds up more muscle mass plus strength. 🙂

All are now at home resting!

In a couple of weeks time, they all should be ready to make their special announcements! They have all come so far since they came into rescue and all three will need those right matched adoptive homes that shall continue to build upon the strong foundations we have been laying here for them. Each of these dogs are a true gift!!

Good night wishes from our home to yours!