AND we are on our way!

BHRR’s Slate(BHRR’s Granite can also be seen!) – the litter shall be 12 weeks old tomorrow!

The remaining of the BHRR Puppy Pile x 7, five of them are on their way with Sean/I to LAH for their next exams, boosters and weights!

I have been asked several times, why if BHRR’s Slate is under a pending adoption and that his home/visit is Friday, am I doing his next boosters/exams and not letting his new possible home pay for them.

This is because he is still under BHRR’s care, has not yet been approved to be adopted and it is time for his next boosters and this is part of our proactive/preventative Vet protocol. 🙂

We do not cut corners at BHRR. Just as it is about always having the right matched home be approved to adopt any of our dogs, it is always about doing it right in vet care, training plus rehab for every dog we are entrusted with. 🙂

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