I brought BHRR's Bean with me today to one of our regulat GD & 'Honourary' GD Walks/Hikes – we were almost 20 people and our wonderful dogs @ Conroy Pit – and this was his final 'social' test before deciding if he was ready to be placed up for adoption and BHRR's Frank passed with ACES, FLYING COLOURS, NO PROBLEM! YAY! YAY! YAY! 🙂 He was excellent from the moment I left the house! Fantastic car traveller and he was in the backseat with both BHRR's Porridge and Sir Maestro. Mr. Social Frank was just awesome and as I knew that he still had a ways to go with his obedience(he has only been here since September and has spent quite a bit of time recovering from his neuter); that is something that can continue to be worked on per our adoption contract in his new forever loving adoptive home! BHRR's Frank on more than one occasion had his 'head in the clouds' and just happily would go and follow people and dogs here and there and everywhere and THANK you to everyone for helping me to keep an 'eye' on him! LOL He was fantastic, wonderful, a HUGE hit to all that met him and goodness, my heart was just full of the best feelings of warmth and pride and happiness! FOR him!!!! Can you tell I am excited? BHRR's Frank proved that he could stand on all four of his own feet and interact with all humans plus dogs fantabulously. THIS boy would make an excellent Therapy dog for sure. I have added three new photos from today on to his slideshow #10 – #12 and am also posting two of them below. This boy is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

BHRR's Frank – November 14th, 2010 – 9 months of age
*Photos compliments of C. Desjardins