**UPDATE: X-rays from March 11th, just added***

Per his ortho specialist, he wants to wait until BHRR’s Kaos is between 12-18 months and re-visit. He would have hoped that BHRR’s Kaos’ *presented* better and feels that he would like to wait until Kaos is older.

Per his ortho specialist:

“There is effusion in the stifle but I think there will always be some.  He probably will be at increased risk for ruptured cruciate in the future but there is not much we can do about that. Once he is fully mature, 12 to 18 months, if he is still lame, then I would consider re-scope to re-assess his cruciate ligament, see if he is possible candidate for TPLO. Let’s see how he does as he continues to grow”

So, we maintain the status quo for now re: exercise, glucosamine supplements etc.

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