BHRR’s Flame – 3 months of age!
Someone found the couch….*cough*

BHRR’s Flame has one final round of boosters to have(BHRR ensures that every canine under our care receives the full round of booster series prior to being placed up for adoption) and is scheduled for a pediatric spay – March 17th.

As she is not a single bred Great Dane and is beginning to take more and more after her sire – leaning towards possible GS – in size(will be a large not giant dog when done growing), we are comfortable spaying her at 4 months of age…..

At that time, she will then be ready to make her special announcement and we shall begin to take applications for homes to adopt her.

Like all of our BHRR dogs, she will only be placed with that right matched forever loving home.

She has been an absolute special girl to have had with us…..she is going to make me bawl many tears of such joy….and some sadness. Having had her in my hands at just 2 weeks of age and seeing her now, what a heart-warming and also heart-wrenching journey it has been.

She is the lone survivor of her litter and my heart is going to feel so much happiness to see her in that right home meant for her!

At this time, she shall also be gracing us at PV Stittsville either the Saturday March 12th or the Sunday March 13th – NOT yet determined.

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