BHRR did their first approved adoption for 2016 tonight!

BHRR’s Pearl! She was the best right matched fit for the home and it has to be about set up for success for home and dog. Always….

Not the best photo yet we will try again at our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house.

BHRR’s Pearl will remain with us to around February 12th as the home readies itself for her arrival.

Congrats to this most wonderful of homes and also thanks to Aaron for helping at this home-visit. Invaluable you are!!

BHRR’s Pearl your journey from catatonic terrified skinny, SA lacking in confidence mush to a happy, healthy hyper social Harlie has been a most beautiful transformation. I have the best of tears for you….

BHRR’s Raven – you were so loved by this home that was so apparent to see and you loved them in turn and if the home had more dog experience and/or you had had more obedience and manners under your belt, it would have been a much harder choice for the best matched fit AND your time shall come……….AND, you will only get better and better with your manners and training in the mean-time! YOU are a hoot! 😀

BHRR’s Raven, your own right matched forever loving home is out there and you gave everyone many laughs tonight!! You are honest and true….and all of us love you!