BHRR’s Bell
**DEAF in one ear, hearing impaired in the other and Blind in one eye and visually impaired in the other**
I am so excited and thrilled that BHRR’s Bell is finally ready to make her own special announcement!

She battled a lot since her arrival into rescue. She has put on much needed weight, came into rescue with a really low platelet count(94) – she has had two repeat blood-work on her platelets – (154 and then 170 on December 14th) since then and she is a THUMBS up!

She tested positive for Anaplasmosis and we had to do a PCR Panel to find out whether she was a false positive,was truly positive or had had exposure to Anaplasmosis yet did not develop it etc.

AND in November she survived a coyote grab – and had a recheck this week and huge thumbs up on her ear booboo!

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired etc. Amazing versatile girl!

She is housebroken, travels wonderfully in a car, proven 100% trustworthy in our home – never recommended to give too much freedom to start!, great with dogs of all sizes and cats unknown right now.

She can get excited and has to be reminded to play gently.

She is smart, beautiful and can be an only dog in a home or with another right matched personality fit dog or dogs! Most important is that she has a network of doggie friends! She loves her canine friends…..

She is so affectionate, knows hand and touch signals and I have also trained her in scent training!


I am so in love with this big personality filled girl!

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