Here are our current needs as promised and as requested by several angels wanting to step up to help us with the 6 year old Mama Great Dane, now named BHRR’s Eve and her 2 x 2 week old babies, both girls.

BHRR’s Flame – has a fiery and feisty personality
BHRR’s Ember – is full of inner strength and determination

1) Pee Pads
2) PVD Essential Care CANNED Puppy Food
3) Esbilac Milk Replacer – Mom is producing little milk and only able to nurse them now a couple of times a day – puppies are currently being tube fed and eating a small amount of a ‘gruel’ mixture of milk replacer/PVD Essential Care Canned Puppy Food
4) Towels
5) Soft Blankets
6) As they age, small appropriate puppy toys
7) All three have an account at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 – ‘Eve’, ‘Puppy A’ and ‘Puppy B’ all are under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) account and the bills are mounting up fast. It is close to XMAS and we know we really do not have any right to ask for monetary donations.
We know that times are tough for so many and, if anyone does have $5.00 to spare, please perhaps consider donating to help this 6 year old Mama Great Dane and her 2 surviving babies. Must have been so hard for her to lose her other babies. 🙁
8) Prayers, blessings and well wishes….they need them….

Both puppies were at high risk as was mom to die earlier this week…….we are taking each day as it comes and I am becoming an expert in 20-30 minute power naps!

One of the Vets on this case said to me yesterday that she would not have been surprised to have seen one, if not both puppies and also mom die(stress bloated) between Tuesday and Wednesday, they were that critical. Whatever Puppy B(BHRR’s Ember) had developed at the shelter, Puppy A(BHRR’s Flame) picked up.

Puppy B(BHRR’s Ember) also remains on liquid Clavamox antibiotics at this time.

Thank you everyone for reading this post.

Welcome to BHRR our beautiful rescue family……you are surrounded by so much love, heart plus soul and a village that is mighty, supportive and so caring……