BHRR’s Ivy had her annual visit yesterday. She is hanging just under 110 pounds at 20 months of age, with the cooler weather approaching, she could welcome another few pounds. She is lean, incredibly muscled (Her Vet and some of my fellow staff member were in awe of her muscled butt and thighs! LOL) and looks great yet, another few pounds would not hurt.

We are always adjusting the food for the Danes, depending on weather, season, age, health, activity level etc.!

She had her annual vaccines, a thorough exam, a nail trim, we did bloodwork for heartworm and tickborne diseases and we sedated her to get a good look at her eyes, her right eye has been ‘running’ a bit and is a bit swollen.  Her foster mom has told me that she has also been blinking a bit more. Being such a spastic, happy, affectionate uber active gal, it was the only safe way(for our noses and glasses with her loving!) to safely exam them. She had a flourescein eye stain and she has some entropion that has developed in the right eye. Her left eye is even less affected. She is now on some eye medications and we shall be monitoring for if she does require any eye surgery, we will make sure that she has it.