We are now home!

Surgery started late yet all is done and The Mavie, our true Iron Man has his ‘new’ leg!

Everything went great for BHRR’s Maverick. His temp is low yet rising and the initial thought was to send him home on IV fluids yet, the end decision was to take him off as he is doing very well.

He had a tiny bite to eat earlier and I just gave him his Hydromorphone and then I pulled his IV line.

He is settling in for the night and he makes my heart burst full with so much love……he is truly one of my hero’s!

What an incredible boy and thank you from my heart for all the best wishes for him and to the angel that donated a most generous amount to his Vet bill tonight, you have my eternal gratitude! I almost burst into tears when I was told of your beautiful heart…..

We shall continue to fundraise to pay off his thousands of dollars in bills and I will sleep well tonight knowing that he is safely out of surgery and home!

Thanks must be extended hugely to his ortho specialist that has been by his side since summer of 2013 and to my fellow team-mates at KAH, you are so wonderful!!! I am full of so much appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done!

If anyone still wishes to donate to his bills, you can call Kanata at 613-836-2848 and he has a file under ‘Maverick’ under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services account. We will be paying off his bills for some time to come and he is beyond worth every nickel and dime!

Good night from my home and The Mavie to all of our friends, family, supporters, believers plus extended family!!