Sean and BHRR’s Mavie ‘hamming’ it up at KAH while we wait for our appointment!

Two special ‘men’ in my life!

Weight today is 51.5 KGs! Yes….we are back up….

UPDATE: he has now started Baytril 3 x 150 mg Every 12 hours and is in tomorrow to see an ortho specialist and I will update his regular ortho specialist tomorrow with the findings of tonights’ visit to KAH.

It does appear that I may well be correct t
hat after 2 years and four months plus from first having the original leg surgery, he is now rejecting this implant. He had this leg first operated on in July 2013. frown emoticon

Here is a photo of his foot tonight. The edema is all over the leg, into his chest and his one lymph node is huge. The vet reviewed his x-Rays taken on Friday and saw a darker area on the one bone, not the one with the plate/screws and wants the ortho specialist to take a closer look. 

He will move up to a higher dose of Tramadol 100 mg x 2 TID and throughout everything he was goofy and being a ham with Sean! AND, the Vet found that he had a swollen area on his other foot in one of his toe areas. We are also running bloodwork and thankfully, he still does not have a fever.

If anyone wishes to consider donating to his bills, please do contact the wonderful folks at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848. His antibiotics alone are close to $300 and he will need more. 

We are also still in search of auction items for our last planned fundraiser of 2015, our ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction and all monies raised shall go direct to BHRR’s Mavie. Please do email us at

We would be so appreciative……beyond appreciative! 

AND we are also using BHRR’s Haileys’ adoption fee of $250 to go towards his rising vet bills. 

AND so important is our wish to all to keep him in their best wishes!

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