On October 16th, I received the following email and we committed to assisting her.


“Hi there,

We have a young 2-3yr old female great dane X type dog in our shelter that needs help! She was found on Durham 57 just south of Blackstock 3 weeks ago, absolutely terrified. She spent 2 weeks shaking and whining and growling in her kennel before she would finally respond to our staff and show some interest in coming out. I kept repeating “let’s go for a walk” while showing a leash to her until she finally responded and wagged her tail. She knows several commands, appears to like other dogs and is quite affectionate and silly with myself and one other staff member. She still barks, growls and hides from anyone she doesn’t know so will need a lot of socializing with an experienced handler before she would be safe to adopt out. Photo attached. She weighs 89lbs.

Thank you,”

great dane mix