I am so affected by the impending loss of BHRR's Bean that I am going to create a 'diary' of his last moments and I do this not to be 'dramatic' or 'over the top' BUT I do want to make a very public and openly graphic compelling statement about his death at ONLY 9 months of age. AND I am doing this because I LOVE this dog sooooo much and he has been sooooo wrong done by that I hope that part of the legacy he leaves behind is a very powerful, huge and forever lasting impacting educational awareness lesson that I can only pray that people will 'listen' to and research! RESEARCH! RESEARCH before supporting bybers AND I can only hope that just one irresponsible dog owner sees the final journey of steps and breaths that BHRR's Bean had to take and might 'listen' to become more responsible in their own care plus treatment of their own animals. I can hope….

I am gong to call this 'BHRR's Bean's Final Breaths' and it shall be a slideshow of our last moments together and I shall be posting it here and on our BHRR's Reality Page.

AND after this, I shall post the final pictures that Sean helped me take of HOW we are going to remember BHRR's Bean in our hearts and souls….the LIVING BHRR's Bean and about the quality filled LIFE we gave him yet it was not long enough….never ever ever long enough.