As BHRR prepares for another big beautiful day, everyone’s fav ‘gimp’ Great Dane Puppy BHRR’s Kaos asked me to post this message to all!! 

Donations can continue to be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 *They are open today from 9-2 pm and Becca is there to help you!

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to consider using the friend and family option so that we do not pay fees)

He saw Dr. Philibert on Thursday and has his first leg surgery now scheduled for September 1st. We are trying to ensure that we have a fair surgery deposit put down on his account at Liston Animal Hospital under his name ‘KAOS’.

Thank you all angels for being there for him!! He is such a wonderful wee boy!! So many tears of gratitude for all that people are trying to make happen for him!