BHRR’s Bell’s bloodwork has come back and while she is negative for Heartworm, Lymes and¬†Ehrlichiosis, she tested positive for Anaplasmosis. The importance of heartworm plus flea/tick preventative cannot be emphasized enough. Where there are mosquitoes’ there is heartworm. Where there are fleas, there are flea problems, where there are ticks, there are tick borne diseases. All so easily preventable with monthly medication. We know prior to coming to BHRR she was not on any preventative medication.

BHRR keeps all the dogs on preventative yearly, not just the standard May – November, just to be extra cautious.

Now, we are going to be doing a Anaplasma PCR plus a full CBC to see if she was a ‘false positive’ on the snap test or is truly positive for Anaplasmosis. We will also see if she is anaemic, a big sign of Anaplasmosis. If she is positive, her special announcement shall have to be delayed while treatment is commenced and until she tests ‘negative’.

Keep her in your best thoughts………..