Someone had an incredible special picnic play date!

Gorgeous BBBBB Abby!

Thank you to the amazing home for giving her this amazing experience.

Thank you for all the photo’s and in loving her as much as we do! AND, thank you for the lovely gift for her also!!! So sweet!

BHRR’s Abby remains Available For Adoption and here are some words from the lovely home who had the date with her yesterday……

“Abby is wonderful, gentle and affectionate. I can’t believe she is not adopted. Abby’s leash manners are fantastic, she is such a pleasure to take for a walk 🙂 ”

To demonstrate how wonderful BHRR’s Abby is with manners, their beautiful young daughter walked her to the car when I left to go home. All BHRR dogs receive extensive obedience training prior to being placed up for adoption…..we want our dogs to be assets to home plus community.

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