My last post for today!
I got my very first tail wag from BHRR’s Pearl when I arrived home tonight from the home-visit and, that was like winning the lottery….it was not a big wag, yet, a wag nonetheless and, more than once.
Here is a BHRR’s Pearl VIDEO taken from earlier today!
Another really good day had at BHRR and, as always, from my home to yours, may all have a wonderful good night……

BHRR’s Pearl – April 29th, 2015

She is doing well….still pacing, checking that fence line closely yet, her tail is now in a more relaxed position, less tense in the body………

She will still approach me when she comes near me with head down and, still body shakes yet, less than Sunday….
No pressure being given to her, just being patient, letting her know that I am around and, encouraging her.

She remains completely indifferent to the dogs – today, she met HQD who wanted to mother her(no surprise there!), and BHRR’s Bloom who wanted BHRR’s Pearl to run with her(HOW unusual of BHRR’s Bloom!!!)

We just spent a glorious hour outside in the sun and shade and, I know BHRR’s Herbie-icious the Lovebug and BHRR’s Salem really loved the outdoor.time also! .
So peaceful and almost a magical moment spent!

AND, for anyone that might be wondering, Sean and I cut off the red stiff and quite snug vinyl collar she was wearing and, she is safely wearing a material martingale that has a small chain loop. Much safer as she is a massive flight risk.

She is NOT wearing a choke or a prong collar. We do not believe in using those types of collars in our Behavioural, Training and Rehabilitation Programs.