BHRR’s Liberty – April 16th, 2015
Today, while someone ‘me’ was working and, then taking BHRR’s Gretta to CWW, another person ‘Sean’ was sunbathing and snoozing with an extremely special Great Dane!
This most likely is her very first time, ever truly relaxing and enjoying spring plus the good life………
Sean said at first she would not lay down on the Costco Dog Beds(comfort is foreign to her BUT we are teaching her!) he put out on the cottage shed porch and, so, he grabbed some more doggie beds and, lay next to her and, they both had a few hours of peace and, relaxation and loving each other’s company…..
She absolutely ADORES him! I do too.
She is one senior Great Dane that is never going to want or lack in goodness, comfort, kindness and love EVER in her life again……….
We are so smitten with her and, the people that met her at our recent BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House have been also!
So, wish I could have spent some time with them today also……Yup, jealous!

The second photo is of one of the growths that we biopsied at her Vet Appointment on April 2nd.

The next two photo’s are of a special blanket that I sent money to a friend of mine to purchase just for BHRR’s Liberty. 🙂

AND, here is a video from her Vet Visit on April 2nd, as well.

VIDEO April 2nd at Kanata Animal Hospital

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