BHRR’s The Lord Stafford
He has done it! It has been a very long road to health(as healthy as bulldogs can get!) for this amazing wee giant of BHRR!
He truly has been one of the most amazing, impacting special needs dogs that BHRR has ever been truly blessed to have been contacted to assist and, he is ready to say his exciting announcement!
We would love to see him in a home that has kids, he is great with all dogs and, cats and, even horses!
He cannot go to a home that has a lot of carpeting. That will only set off his allergies and, then you are going to be dealing with skin, eye and ear infections. 
A home must understand that, he is going to always have these issues and, they must be so diligent about ensuring that he continues to receive top notch Vet care, the best of food(he is on a fish diet) and, of course, keeps letting him be the social magnificent boy that he is!
This photo is courtesy of the Maracle Family when he had a special picnic date with them recently!
I am so happy for this boy! I am going to be so sad for all of us, when, his right matched forever loving home finds him!
You did it BHRR’s Stafford!!! AND, throughout everything you had to go through to become healthy – well other than those nails, squirming worm – you have been so happy, gentle, loving and, precious……..
He can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired etc. He is another versatile BHRR dog!
We want to stress that he can ONLY go to a home that has zero to very minimal carpeting due to his reaction to carpets in both of his temp foster home when he was with her and, also on his one picnic play date.
A home that has a dog that is a great personality fit is great yet, not required.
We also really want to say again that, we would like to see him in a home with children or, where he is going to have lots of exposure to kids. He loves them.
Another important point is a home that is not going to make him obese and, think that is ‘normal’ for a bulldog. He has a waistline, he is suppose to have a waistline and, we are going to be quite strict about any future adoptive home being very mindful that his weight needs to stay between 19.8 and 20.5 KGs.
This breed has breathing issues to begin with……let’s not make it worse by adding unnecessary weight.