Look who is hanging out at KAH today!!
BHRR’s Herbie – The Love Bug! He is up another 4.5 kgs(9.9 pounds) since February 19th. Yay!! Still quite thin but getting there!  He now weighs 78.1 pounds(35.5 kgs).
He just makes my heart skips beats, he is just so special and, sweet and, kind and gentle and, so loving. He is always happy and, you just want to scoop him up and smooch him all day long!
We will find out his new dosing for the Ivermectin today as his weight has gone up and, he will have another dose of Revolution, determine if he needs to continue with the Antibiotics(has been on since Feb 5, beginning at the shelter). 
His hair is beginning to come in and, he is quite patchy yet, no longer raw red, more a bright pink and, while he still scratches, a lot less now. His ears and feet are a lot less swollen also. 
Today, despite being dewormed at the shelter and, already having a three day course treatment of de-worming upon arrival to BHRR and, just finishing up his next three day course of de-worming, I saw a roundworm this AM, so another fecal is being run.
The photo below is of him with our lovely co-op student and, she wanted some photo’s of her and him. Posted with her permission.

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