BHRR’s Ivy and BHRR’s Salem came with me to do a hv on Saturday February 28th. BHRR’s Salem is getting better and better in strange situations and surroundings and, if people are not fast and flighty and, loud, she is settled and more comfortable. She has a lot more confidence when other dogs are around and, the more people that are part of her already set-up for success trust circle, the more comfortable and confident she is. She is not a dominant dog by any means and, we all agree that she is one stunning looking lady. I am very proud of her! She travels so well in the car and her leash manners are almost perfection now. She is going to continue to blossom and, become more confident and comfortable in that right match personality fit home. The home at this hv made a comment that if she is still a bit skittish, that perhaps she is not ready to be placed up for adoption and, I said that, while she is only going to continue to get better and better in my  hands, she does not need me to keep bringing her to these next level and steps.

She needs a home that shall carry on and continue to build upon the strong foundation I have given her at BHRR. She does not ‘need’ me any longer. She just thinks she does. She is more than ready for that right matched forever loving home to find her. AND, that scared, timid, shy, submissive almost broken creature that first arrived to BHRR is no more. AND, she is going to keep shining in the right hands. She has TONS of potential. She is so loving, playful and affectionate and, if you earn her trust and respect, she is going to lay her life down for you.

One needs to be patience, kind, loving, consistent and, committed. She is a fabu dog and, while it would be nice to see her in a home with another right matched personality fit dog, as long as she has her doggie friends and network, she shall be fine. 🙂 One has to remember that she is a Mastiff/Dane and, that her personality is not as easily trustworthy considering all that she has gone through. She is a flight dog, not a fight. She has not one mean bone in her gorgeous body.

BHRR’s Ivy on the other hand, she is a firecracker! LOL Personality like BHRR’s Dana that just beams from every gorgeous black hair! She is busy, active, curious, outgoing, mischievous and, like a two year old, into everything! I giggled and smiled and laughed at the number of times a member of the house at this home-visit found themselves getting up and finding just what has she gotten into next. If it was not mittens, it was barbells or the couch and, on and on. This dog is meant to do agility or obedience titles and, she makes me laugh so much! She is a high maintenance ball of fire and, I just love her! She can easily have a home with another dog or two. She is an absolute hoot! She is a diva! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

They both had a great experience at this hv and, that experience with more loving and helping hands, has helped make that much more well rounded and balanced.