To carry on the story…….. wink emoticon
So, after getting pushed out of bed, I think, well, ok…..I will go grab a nice cup of mint tea and, sit on the loveseat for a wee bit and, 'wake up'….
Well, by the time my tea was made, I head to the loveseat and, THIS is my sight! LOL tongue emoticon
Ice and Skor have moved from the bed, collected BHRR's Herbie – The Love Bug on their way and, all are nicely settled and, having a nap…..I mean afterall it is god awful x time in the AM. I have the lights on as it is so dark inside the house…even, the sun is still sleeping!
I am then off to find a new place to sit….and, wake up properly myself! grin emoticon
THANKS HQD!!! Your bootcamp is really effective with the Gwennie's NO couch rule! tongue emoticon