BHRR's Gretta has her post-op check today and, her suture removal at LAH. smile emoticon

Photo is of her leg on the way into LAH. 

She is down a bit in weight yet, that is not surprising and, Dr. Liston agrees with me, her not using her leg is behavioural. JUST like it was with BHRR's Apollo.
Her leg got a big and wonderful thumbs up in the healing department and, looks and feels great according to Dr. Liston! smile emoticon
Last Thursday, in preparation that I want to nip this not using her leg in the bud, I left some messages with CWW. A few sessions should greatly assist her in realising that this is not a 'hurty' pain any longer and, it is safe to use it.
She is no longer tucking it right up underneath her belly yet, she is extremely rarely even toe touching. She has been like this from Day 1 and, I just knew she was going to be headstrong about it.
I keep saying that these dogs are survivors and, what has helped make them a survivor is their inner strength plus backbone. She is stubborn. smile emoticon
She was so awesome during her exam and suture removal. I just stroked her ever so soft face and ears and talked softly to her while Dr. Liston did his magic smile emoticon
She is doing so much better going to and from the car and, travels like a rock star and, what can I say about her leash manners?!
A typical BHRR dog. AMAZING! This was a dog that never even knew what a collar and leash really were until she was close to 1 year of age. 
So proud of this beauty!!!
Please do not forget her Fundraiser coming up this Sunday February 15th at PV Barrhaven PLUS the special Global Pet Foods – Bank Street "Show Us Your Heart' Campaign that ends this weekend. 
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