I received a call from Lord Stafford's temp foster mom tonight. Unfortunately, it may be the carpet, the laundry detergent, fabric softener or, any other number of things yet, the boy that was dropped off raring to go on January 24th to be temp fostered is now battling skin issues. 🙁 He is clearly reacting to something or some things in their home. These possible allergens were discussed during his first week with her and, we did a recheck last week, and, she is worried that he is even worse. The Vet said last week, that his eyes were finally fine and, that it was just his normal 'haws' showing up red – third eyelid. Yet, his temp foster mom told me tonight that one of his eyes is now running.

AND, his feet that were hurt in the salt, sand and cold after he arrived to his temp foster home, have gotten worse and, that compounded with allergy flare-up is making for an uncomfortable boy.

With him being on such a strong antibiotic as is, Baytril, this is not good. His foster mom and I only want what is in his best interest.

This affirms plus confirms that we do not want him adopted to a home that has carpeting. His foster mom has tried to be so proactive and do all they could for him and, you know that they truly love him and care for him when they, call and, discuss his situation with myself and, do agree that perhaps it is best that he come back to my home.

I am going to pick him up on my way home from BHRR's Gretta's suture removal and post-op recheck tomorrow and bring back to BHRR.

I know he is going to miss her!!!