She and Sean arrived safe and sound around 7 pm last night due to traffic and weather! BHRR's Gretta had a really good night overall. She took her antibiotics and pain meds like the brave girl she is AND, rested fairly well. She had a small bite to eat a couple of hours ago and, is being such a wonderful patient. smile emoticon
There is a small area, when she arrived home where her sutures are really pulled yet, still are 'ok' at this time and, we shall monitor. 
She would not go out to pee etc. before I went to bed for 1.5 hours yet, just now she finally had a huge pee and, is back in her colossal crate relaxing…..
Today, we work on her getting to put her toes down to start. She is tucking up that leg right to her belly at this time. 
Thank you to everyone that sent her best wishes and, caring thoughts!! Thanks also to those who considered her cause and, made a donation to her own mounting Vet Bills. 
Another really loved BHRR beauty that means the world to so many of us!