I have been saving this short video from November 6th, 2014 when this kind lady(one of our valued approved volunteers) came with me to Alta Vista AH for The Lord Stafford's specialist consult with Dr. Bruce. 🙂
I was saving it to post for when BHRR's Stafford was ready to make a special announcement…AND, it is now that time! 
The Lord is going to his approved temp foster home tomorrow! 😀
He has to remain on Baytril for the next 6 weeks, for the Prostatitis as, the prostate flush revealed two micro-organisms that the Clavamox nor Doxy, that he was on, were not sensitive to. AND, he is on meds for yet, another eye infection, the poor wee boo YET, nothing that would hold him up for going to his approved temp foster home! 🙂
He will be sorely missed around our home yet, it is time….this is the next step towards his rehab and, eventually being placed up for adoption! 
Great experience for him and, for his wonderful temp foster mom! 🙂
We hope that within the next 6 weeks or so, he will be making another exciting announcement! 😉