BHRR's Stafford's Prostate Wash Results from January 14th, 2015
He has two micro-organisms
1) Proteus Mirabilis
2) Beta Hemolytic Streptococci

**They are sensitive to Baytril. So, The Lord is on Baytril 100 mg SID for the next 6 WEEKS. 
So, he is not going to be available for adoption until after then…we want to be sure that, we are finally getting this resolved.
The Clavamox resolves some of his issues, the Doxy others and, now, we are on to the next eastie beasties……
Being Neutered helped with the prostatitis and, over the next 6 months, this should be the END of his issues….everything crossed!

We are also treating another eye infection(Fucithalmic) and, an ear infection(KT Ear Treatment).

IMG_6395 IMG_6396 IMG_6397