BHRR's Canvas – ? – December 22nd, 2014
**Victim to Bloat and Tort**
Our 7th precious dog since we opened our doors in 1996.   Each one has been like a devastating train wreck. Crushing to our hearts and, to all those that love these amazing dogs as much as we do. 
Typing this post, makes my stomach just roll with nausea. 
He was perfectly fine and, in fact, we have a great testimonial from BHRR BOD M. Leung from our annual "CHAIN OF SUCCESS' potluck that was hosted on December 20th, at our home about how awesome he was doing. 
I went to bed around 3:30 AM on the morning of the 22nd after tucking everyone in and, saying my routine 'love you and have a good sleepie' to all the dogs.
Sean was up around 5 AM and, he ran to get me to say there was an emergency.
Just as with my beloved RIP Maggi,(who bloated/torted herself on July 17th, 2009), there was nothing 'wrong' with how BHRR's Canvas was laying……yet, he never layed on his side like that(Same with Maggi)……I knew something was wrong.
I knew he had bloated – I go back to my article I wrote about "KNOW YOUR DOG" –
Sadly, he torted so severely and, he passed in my arms before 8:30 AM as we worked to save him at the Hospital….
I told him how much I loved him, what a brave boy he was and, that it was ok to let go if he had to….I told him that he was such a good boy and, thanked him so much for being such a gift in my life and, that of all that met and adored him like us.
He went from being such a terrified(who could ever forget the video's of him cowering in terror under a table at the shelter) and, being so emaciated. He put on over 50 pounds in his successful rehab at BHRR. 
The hole he has left is like a bomb went off…shattered our hearts and soul are….
I miss his windmill tail wags of such vigorous happiness….
I miss those special sounds of his when he 'told me off' that it was time to begin the day and, partake in all of the adventures and fun for that day!
I almost do not want to fix the front of my brand new stove now as, it was he and BHRR's Bishop that smashed the front of it horsing around as, I told them to 'take it outside' and, they gave each other one last body bump as they ran in happiness outside….
The memories are many of this miraculous dog…..yet, that the opportunities for more memories have been stolen from him, rips me up….each and every bloat, we have caught in time….it tears me to shreds that, despite that, we have lost 7 now to this terrible condition….
He was the fastest tort I have ever witnessed.  
RIP my Canvy Wanvy…..
I will visit you in my dreams with all the others that have blessed me over the many years….
I am so sorry that I could not save you in the end….