UPDATE: BHRR's Mav was back for a recheck today as it is the 14 day post-op mark. 
The swelling is less(I did not grab a photo sorry….was busy….yet, will take a photo ASAP) yet, still quite marked in the one area.
His latest culture results came back negative for growth yet, having been on anitibiotics, a false reading is quite possible. 
He has clear calcification on his joint and, while most of the area is now hard, he still has a soft section and is radiating heat. Everyone is concerned for yet, another brewing abscess – he has had two so far. 
All staples but 6 were removed earlier today after his first check up and, after his Vets(2) took a much closer look the final 6 were then taken out as they felt comfortable. 
He will remain on Baytril, 300 mg BID(normally given SID) for at least another week and, then have another recheck. He also remains on his Deramaxx 100 mg SID(as many know, we are not a huge fan of Metacam as an NSAIDS). 
AND, his weight was down again….. 
He is eating well three times a day and, he is still losing weight. 
He has been such a trooper about his enforced crate rest and very short leash walks. 
He has been such a great patient and, we hope to raise enough funds in our upcoming 2ND ANNUAL 'BREAKING BILLS BAKING' online auction to make a dent in his mounting bills. Since his arrival into our programs, and, having three leg surgeries amongst all of his other medical rehab, his Vet Bills are over $15,000. 
AND, as I keep saying, he is worth every dime. We committed to him and, we are dedicated to giving him all that he needs and deserves as a BHRR dog.
Those that have met him and have become instantly smitten with him, would all also agree!
If anyone else may like to sign up with an offer to make a baked goodie or goodies, please do email contactbhrr@gmail.com
No items have to be made until the online auction is over in mid-January so, that all items are fresh and delicious for the winnner(s)!
For me, as we head into a new year shortly, I feel extremely blessed that the new year will include BHRR's Mavie in the lives of so many of us!!! To think otherwise, is not a possibility I am going to even contemplate…..