BHRR's Shiva is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION again. By collective agreement, this home is not yet ready for any animal addition, let alone a Great Dane. We have worked hard in trying to give this home some positive experiences with Giant Breeds as they have had some past bad experiences with a previous pet, not a Giant Breed, before contacting BHRR. May the time come that this home be ready for a new addition to their home, be it a Giant Breed or other size canine for having an animal in ones life is one of the truest pleasures and experiences ever to be had! It is not fair to BHRR's Shiva to remain on 'hold' any longer than necessary and for her to possibly miss out on that potential 'right' matched inquiry or application to come her way. We remain strong that should her forever loving home never come along, that she has a great place with us. This is our commitment to any animal that comes into BHRR. We accept that they might never be adopted and we are not desperate to place the animals here. She lives a grand live at BHRR and we love her as much as any other dog that has blessed our home. We wish this home the very best in the future.