BHRR's Ichabod Crane with Santa
*While he is still a wee bit on the thin side, he is NO longer emaciated! YAY! 
Saturday December 13th, 2014 @ PV Stittsville!
So many people to THANK deeply from my heart for making this day so wonderful!
We have to thank the amazing SantaMartin Cruikshank), his precious helper ElfDee Dick), the talented photographerAshley Beland) AND, Breanne JacklinRegan Giggal,Kelly Garlough and, the rest of the amazing staff at PV Stittsville!
Thank you to Andrea McCoy for the extra hands, and to your dad also Kelly!
THANK you to each very wonderful and giving person AND their human, who came to visit(We dropped by for about 1.5 hours ourselves!), get a photo with Santa and, to make this day a really special one of almost $319.12 raised to help BHRR's Mavie!
BHRR's Zayna, BHRR's Ichabod Crane and BHRR's Angel Noelle had their own Santa Paws Photo's done!
AND, thank you to the beautiful Melissa Gingras-Lepage for doing BHRR's Ichabod's nails for me to help give him yet, another great experience in the hands of a stranger as we keep working towards the goal of making him that much more well rounded plus well adjusted AND, boy, had he come a long way! Mr. Social Butterfly…..  
Thank you to the elf named 'Cheers' that took care of his nail trimming bill!  Santa better spoil you rotten for such a touching RAOK!
Later, I shall share why it was so important for me to get a really special photo of BHRR's Zanya. Ashley, if you have others of her, like when Santa rubbed her belly, would loved to have them……