Santa & BHRR's Kricket!
December 7th, 2014
Thank you again PV Innes & Belcourt & Chuck & Suzanne of Chuck Desjardins Photography!
This photo was taken one week after her arrival to BHRR and, my wish for this photo was NOT for the camera to capture her utterly poor body condition, yet, to capture her overall amazing beauty!
AND, she is one stunning girl!
$406 was sent to BHRR to help with BHRR's Stafford and BHRR's Merlin and BHRR's Mavie's Bills!
HOW generous and, heart-warming…..
We are filled with eternal gratitude….to be one of two out, of so many organizations( r/q 😉 ) in the community, to have been chosen to benefit, is really special!