Just leaving Kana now! This is a photo of his right front leg after his surgical procedure today. Dr. Philibert put in a penrose drain for the next week and, he will remain on antibiotics for three weeks and, then he will have his next surgery.
Dr. P took out a whole bowl full of fluid including copious amounts of pus and, it contains to drain now with the assistance of the penrose drain. Dr. P said he had a massive sudden onset abscess from reacting / rejecting the plate / screws in his leg  
We were looking at either Cancer and/or a plate rejection as all the x-Rays showed no trauma that compromised the plate/screws or bones.
We also sent off a sample for culture and, did bloodwork last night including calcium levels. 
Dr. P believes that the leg will be strong enough without the plate/screws and, that his other iron leg will not be compromised…..
More updates on the past 48 hours soon…
Dr. P. did not understand and, was my question also as to how this abscess could have been missed when he was in emerge. *IF* I had waited three weeks to see if the inflammation let and, if not, follow-up with his othro specialist, he could be dead. 🙁
I am so happy that I brought him back to my own hospital the next day, did the bw and, emailed Dr. P.!