BHRR's Frank new neuter date shall be on Thursday October 21st, 2010 and within about a month after that, he should be ready for placement for adoption. He is a really nice well rounded boy and in the right home – Saint experience would be wonderful yet is not necessary; a home that has at least one other dog – male or female not of import as long as there is a great personality fit; a home that is either full-time; part-time, a work from home type, semi-retired home are all fine; one that is going to be careful about items laying around as he will eat things – he has  fetish for u.wear and socks right now and we do not want to see a possible obstruction situation. A home that is going to be committed to his obedience for he is a Saint through and through! One that is 'ok' with the drooling, gas and is patient, kind, firm and loving. He is a lovebug and has done so much better in his own area of feeling more confident around strange dogs and he still does a little bit of 'leader' humping at BHRR here and there. He has also been very patient with our new addition Maestro and has been wonderful about providing corrections to him. He needs to be in a home that is going to continue to get him out and about in public and continue his social network of doggie friends. We want to see him continue on this right path and I love how he will look at me when I ask him to not do something and he will just then turn his head and do it anyway!!!! That is still a big of a work in progress with the 'listen' to me now skills. cheekyHe is such a ham this one! His counter surfing is so much better and he is now completely housebroken.