Testamonial from BHRR BOD Member B. Cole:

"She really did steal a piece of my heart….

During my recent visit to BHRR I had the honor of meeting many of the new additions (since I had last visited – a few years back) as well as getting reacquainted with some of the older dogs.  One dog that just stood out a little more then all the others was Gretta.  When I first met Gretta a couple years back she was very shy and aloof.  I remember her just curling up and really not engaging with me.  Oh how things have changed!! 

As all the dogs were inspecting the 'fresh meat' Gretta was right there along side poking her head in and seeking attention.  Throughout the following two nights she would come over to me and just love interacting with me!  Gone was the shy, fearful dane that first came to BHRR she was confident and brave – not even hesitating to see me and asking for attention.  Boy is she gonna make the right matched home complete! Gretta has come so far and I can't wait to see her continue to grow and bloom once that right matched forever home finds her! They are gonna be one lucky home and a part of me will be jealous at them receiving all she has to give!"