BHRR's Mav being such a brave and good boy as I ice his leg and, we waited for the Vet. 
He is now in the back being sedated for X-Rays. I asked for the sedation as it is safer for everyone involved as this is going to hurt his leg to stretch it out to get the x-Rays done the best. The nice emerge Vet agreed and felt that was best. I believe he is seeing Dr. James….
He has now been taken to the back and, letting him go was tough….sigh…. 
I am going to grab a mint tea and come back and, that shall be equally difficult for the last time I was at the Timmie's near here was the day we lost BHRR's Dana. 
Was such a great day up to a point…..
Please pray for good news…..the emerge vet is equally worried that when he wrenched his leg when he pawed to go into his crate for dinner, that something happened to the plate to affect his leg this badly…..
One step at a time….one breath at a time and…..I shall update as I can….
Thanks to all that called and texted with offers to be with me or bring me something.  Touches me immensely….  I am good for now yet, THANKS!
To those that offered to make a donation at Alta Vista, I have the current estimate covered out of my recent pay check, and, if more is necessary, we will go from there. THANK you's being shouted out though!!
This Dane has touched so many and, I know in my heart that his village will be there in his time of need, if necessary. 
Freak accident…..  His legs have rehabbed so well….His Ortho specialist has marvelled at the strength of the legs and, his incredible healing rehab. journey.