Today, his previous home emailed me asking for an update and possibly some photo's. BHRR's Oakley is full of anxiety for sure…he has ripped up everything that was placed in his crate and, he will 'dig' constantly in his crate and, whine and cry.

Gwennie's bootcamp is in full swing. In many ways, he is doing great. AND, that night, he was to meet one of our BHRR BOD members B. Cole.

Here is what I sent back to his previous home:

He is doing really well. He has lots of anxiety related to his crate yet, we are working through that.

I have him off the meds for, in almost 27 years as a behavioural expert, there are only two dogs – one Dane and one x, that I really felt should be on meds. He is doing well and, we will take it one day at a time. 

He is being mentally plus physically stimulated and, also loves to destroy blankets and beds in his crate.

He already has a blog started on our website and, we will post regular updates including photo's and video. 🙂

I have not taken any to date as we, have been busy with integration and, settling him in. He is making friends and, is quite the leaner in typical Great Dane style in a show of affection. 

Thank you so much in entrusting him to us….

Tonight, he shall meet his first outside the home stranger and, we shall see how that goes…..