I did a follow-up with the Vet re: a consult with Dr. P and to date still am waiting for that yet I have been back in touch wtih the two ortho specialists I have worked with in the USA and Dr. Liston and all three are on board that they are more worried about the HD than the luxating patella at this time, especially as the worst one is on the same side as the luxating patella. No one is thrilled with the luxating patella yet the first concern for them at this time remains the HD and does BHRR's Bean require or even qualify for hip replacement surgery to then look a fixing his luxating patella. Additionally, it is still a back and forth on the best move forward treatment plan for BHRR's Bean for while they would like to wait until he is more grown(growth plates etc.); with how much discomfort he is in and the swelling(he is on Deramaxx plus Tramadol) and how through time, his mobility is decreasing with the discomfort increasing ; time is definitely not on Bean's side. Additionally, with how big he is going to be, the success of any procedure, in particular longterm is a huge question. I am going to be leaving my own vm with Dr. P for as I told the Vet last night, if I have to go to the States I will yet I wish to discuss with Dr. P and understand he is very busy; before proceeding at this time. The Vet that I did talk to last night said that Dr. P did have an initial look at the x-rays for they too, made the comment about the HD vs the luxating patella. In the meantime, I will also schedule his neuter for due to all accounts; *if* surgery is going to be done; it most likely will have to wait now until he is a bit older and there is no reason for him to remain intact for a 'questionable' amount of time. Also, I am going to move BHRR's Bean to our Haven Dog program in the meantime for if he does not have have a great prognosis with or without surgery, he will remain having as much quality filled time as possible. All monies raised for BHRR's Bean have been used for his special care – X-rays, bw, Sentinel, Tramadol, Deramaxx, exams, massage, and any additionally monies raised remaain 'held' for his bills as per our intent. I am also going to touch base with CWW for as we are now into October at BHRR; our own pool is 'shut' for the year. I am going to see if doing some floating around in the water would be ok with them. He will not be doing specific hydro or rehab for that is not going to be in his best interest. I am just looking at getting him into the pool and floating around to get that weight off his hips and knee for a bit here and there. He is deeply enjoying his massage and he is much more himself after those sessions. His bills to date have been over $1,500

BHRR's Bean's first Canine Water Wellness session shall be Tuesday October 26th @ 2:00 PM and if anyone is interested in assisting me in getting him to extra sessions, please do email.


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